Composites molds



We manufacture machined or cast aluminum molds for rotomolded parts.
This technique has made its way in recent years as a very effective and efficient alternative to the manufacturing of large, single-piece parts.
At Ubitech we have specialized in the design and manufacture of molds for rotomolded parts, such as tanks, furniture, boats, etc.


› Feasibility study for manufacturing
by rotomolding.
› Complete 3D design of the mold.
› Sending prior to manufacturing the design
for customer approval.
› Possibility of customizing the design
specifications and requirements
of client.
› Delivery of the 3D mold design without
added cost.


› Own dimensional control equipment.
› Style and design modifications.
› CAD modifications according to
› Design of spare parts.
› Digital models and mockups.
› Digitization of molds without 3D.
› Capacity and experience to carry out
mold modifications now
manufactured by other companies although
3d is not available.

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