Our mission is to be able to reproduce the new ideas and realities that arise from aesthetic and technological innovation, quickly and accurately.


– CAM programming.
– CAD design of molds and parts.
– Professional 3D modeling.
– 3D digitization and reverse engineering.
– Analysis of physical properties.
– CAE simulation.
– Finite element analysis.


We have the following means:
– 6 5-axis machining centers from 1500x1500x500 to 8000x4000x2500 with the capacity to machine aluminum, composites, technical plastics, etc.
– 2 3-axis machining centers.
– 1 3D printer.
– 2 3D Scanners.
– Measuring arm.
– Composites manufacturing workshop.
– Elastomer and resin manufacturing workshop.



The Management of UBITECH, a company dedicated to the Design and Manufacturing of Molds for the industry, through this document, aims to establish the main guidelines of the company with the purpose of:
– Ensure continuous improvement of the service provided, always satisfying both the requirements requested by clients as well as the regulatory and/or legal requirements that may apply.
– Analyze the context of the organization, to plan and provide a framework to establish and review quality objectives.
– That our clients perceive and appreciate our continuous improvement
– Achieve a high degree of customer loyalty.
For this purpose and always having the Quality Management System as a reference, the following guidelines are established:
– The Management assumes the commitment to comply with the Quality Policy, the
objectives and LEAD the development and implementation of the Management System and always seek the path towards continuous improvement of its effectiveness.
– All personnel must comply with the provisions of the manuals and procedures, always acting with mentality
– Continuous contact with our clients and market, to know their needs and be able to adapt to them.
– Increase the level of training of our staff that results in greater personal satisfaction, an improvement in the work environment and an improvement in the provision of our services.
– The organization the methodology for evaluating the processes to prevent possible deviations or non-conformities of the management system.
quality management.
The management of Ubitech signs this policy and assumes the commitment to maintain and extend the content of this policy to the general public.


Technical office


Machining workshop


Composite workshop


Fitting and finishing workshop


Fitting and finishing workshop

We are more than 20 professionals distributed among the different areas of the company.

The human value of Ubitech stands out for the experience of more than 15 years in the sector, the qualification and training of each member. and a policy of growth and continuous training to adapt to the demands of the market.

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